Design and Technology

Sherry Zhang


UV Smart Hat

Counts the amount of UV rays you've had in the day and tells the wearer when to reapply sunscreen

Sun protection is important when doing activities in the sun as the sun’s rays in Australia are extremely harmful to the skin and can cause skin cancer.

Tanning is a sign of having been exposed to enough UV radiation to damage one's skin. It is the skin's reaction to the intense UV radiation from the sun.

Going on long hikes in the fiery sun as a Duke of Ed participant has brought the importance of protection against the sun to my attention. Protecting one's skin from harsh rays by reapplying sunscreen at regular intervals has been important on these hikes, as not doing so has had dangerous outcomes such as burns which led to the skin peeling and damage to the skin.

Sunequip is a device that reminds the user to reapply sunscreen when the UV level reaches a certain value, rather than at a set time, in so doing minimising the risk of increasing skin cancer.