Antonia Janji


I chose to do the character of The Maniac as I love over-the-top, exaggerated characters, and I particularly love pieces that are about political issues expressed through a comedic lens.

The character of The Maniac allowed me to challenge my acting skills and comedic timing as he is an impersonator, leaving me to play multiple characters.

I wanted the performance to represent the flaws in the political system, which are ironically exposed by the maniac, to represent the theme of power and corruption.

I purposely exaggerated my hand and body movements as I felt like The Maniac is a character who thrives on attention and is constantly putting on a larger than life performance.

I chose to use a high pitched voice to contrast with the Inspector's lower voice and to add to the high energy of The Maniac. I found it difficult to switch quickly between the accents as the pitch and tone of both characters were very different. This became easier to do as I practiced and matched movements to words.

I also found it difficult to do the French accent of the Inspector. I solved this by recording my sister who can do a French accent and by listening to the recording many times. I also found that I spoke quite fast throughout my performance leaving me very breathy, which was solved through rehearsing my performance and adapting to a slower pace.

I found it challenging to maintain my eyeline throughout the performance as I had to quickly move from one character to the other, but this was fixed through practice.

I wanted the audience to laugh and be taken on a journey with this unreliable narrator, as well as to have an engaging theatrical experience through the exaggerated movement and multiple characters.