Lauren Henderson



Short film (not for viewers under 18 years of age)

I chose to do a short film as my major work because film and film making have both been passions since I was a child, and is an area I’m considering pursuing a career in. In particular, the genre of horror has always fascinated me because of its raw exposure of the human psyche and its ability to instill such genuine emotions of fear in a person.

The main theme of my short film is the theme of guilt, and the concept of how guilt can influence an individual and to what extent guilt can control an individual. I wanted my film to portray a world where guilt can manifest into reality and take control of a person’s mind, influencing their decisions.

Specific film choices that I made were having the running motif of water to symbolise the overarching theme of death, using certain camera movements to “warp” the scene and create a sense that the character’s mind and reality were merging, and sound to increase the atmospheric effect and create the intended experience for the audience.

The main problem that I encountered during the production of my major work was the coronavirus pandemic, which prevented me from filming for my major work or meeting with actors early on in the year. Though, I overcame this by using the time spent in isolation to make extra preparations for filming, and kept in contact with potential actors through social media.

The intended audience experience for my short film is more than just to incite fear, but also to make the audience question the power and influence of guilt, to show how it is deeply rooted in the human psyche, and how guilt can shape and control a person as it did the person in my short film.