Lilie James


Lady Macbeth


I chose to do a monologue based on the character Lady Macbeth from William Shakespeare's Macbeth after a suggestion from my teacher.

I wanted to do a physical theatre piece due to my dance background, as it suits me and my style better and showcases my ability in the best way. I love creating pieces through physicality and I like how it conveys a character's journey through movement rather than just speaking and relying on the dialogue and expression alone.

I feel that Lady Macbeth reflects my dramatic side as well. It matches my personality and my style. Lady Macbeth is a very complex character who goes through an emotional journey throughout the performance as she wishes for a life where Macbeth is king and demonstrates the lengths she will go to for him to achieve this.

I attempted to show her journey through the use of movement by making it heavier as the piece progresses and messier and messier as her mind decomposes. At the beginning she starts happy, however, still slightly paranoid. As the performance continues, her paranoia grows as demonstrated through the movement which becomes messier and bigger.

This is also shown through the expression of the dialogue: when she begins, her speech flows but towards the end it begins to chop as if one word is a single sentence.

I also chose to show her complexity through the use of the phone and to build tension. Every time the phone rings, it gives the audience an ambiguous feeling as they try to understand what is happening and wondering whether someone really is on the phone because they only hear one side of the conversation. The use of the letter is a symbol of hope for Lady Macbeth, reminding her of what she is trying to achieve.