Textiles and Design

Abbey Field


Corset and skirt


My textile project is categorised under Apparel, defined as ensembles that can be worn for the purpose of functionality, as well as possessing aesthetic properties, and can be cared for. It has been designed to suit the dress code of a formal event, showcasing an elegant and innovative apparel design that aims to capture the attention due to the interesting and intricate design.

One of the inspirations for my project in the traditional female dress during the Renaissance, and wedding gowns in particular. This trend featured floor-length gowns with a wide skirt, and corset bodice with connecting sleeves of a flowy nature. Renaissance gowns aimed to highlight the importance of the female figure by accentuating and reconfiguring features such as the waist, bust and rear, for this was how society considered female beauty.

I have incorporated this design inspiration by including a wide, floor-length skirt and tight corset into my project. Relating it to the design focus area of apparel as it carries out functional functions such as covering the body, while possessing aesthetic properties.

My Textile ensemble was also inspired by designs created by Joanne Flemming, a designer from England who creates traditional wedding and formal gowns featuring elegant, wispy, intricate and female design features. This has heavily influenced my design as the overall objective is to create an essence of feminine elegance. She has influenced the flowy, cuffed sleeves, the length of the skirt and the overall accentuation of the female body.

Another inspiration which has impacted my design is the flora species of peonies. Peonies have posed as a source of inspiration due to the interest emphasised in the design of the layered petals to create interest, in a monochrome colour scheme.

Specifically, it has been incorporated in the frilly, ruffled flower strip along the neckline of the bodice, for not only a feminine purpose, but also to create interest among onlookers as it stands out, contrasting against the tight corset top, as well as being overall unique as it experiments the use of tight and frilly features. The addition of flowers allows a creative component to be added to the apparel item, to create an overall aesthetically appealing ensemble.

The featured skirt of my textile project is inspired heavily by the designs of Giambattista Valli. The designs have created ensembles within many runway collections, that feature a wide, floor-length, netted and tulle layered skirt, also known as tulle tiered dresses.

The skirts have many levels of varying lengths and are heavily gathered to create the width and volume. I have incorporated this inspiration but creating a netted, layered skirt that is of a millenial pink colour, complimenting the top in which it is set. Due to the skirt covering the body, allowing movement and being made of durable, synthetic fabrics, the skirt carries out functional properties. These features allow the skirt to be considered an apparel ensemble.

In conclusion, apparel is the suitable focus area for my Textile project as it comprises design features for the purpose of both functional and aesthetic properties. The design of the ensemble has successfully been created through incorporating inspirations from peonies, Giambattista Valli, Joanne Fleming and Renaissance Wedding Gowns, to suit the event for which the garment has been designed for, being an elegant, formal event.