Textiles and Design

Rebecca Feros


Collection of hats


The focus area for the Textile project is Costume. A costume can be defined as a piece of clothing related to a particular culture, historical period or occasion. I have chosen three headdresses for my project. The choice of the focus area is suitable for my project because the headdresses are made to be worn as part of a costume to a fancy-dress party.

The three headdresses are a top hat, a pill box hat and a crown headband. The main inspirations for the elements incorporated into the headdresses come from Alice in Wonderland Movie, Philip Treacy Designs, The Mad Hatter and ‘3D elements’.

One of the main design inspirations for the project is the Alice In Wonderland Movie. Specifically, the project was influenced by the characters Alice and the Queen of Hearts.

I have incorporated a range of design features into the two headdresses that represent these characters. For the Queen of Hearts pill box hat, I have incorporated the deck of cards patterns in the shape of a rose and the symbolic red and black colours. This is to complement the red heart shaped hat. For the Alice crown headband, I have used sinamay with a pale blue colour representing the colour Alice wore in the Alice In Wonderland Movie. I have also paired the pale blue crown headband with an extravagant pale blue bow to symbolise her childlike innocent character.

Another main design inspiration for the project is Philip Treacy Designs. Philip Treacy is one of the world’s leading milliners. His inspiration for his designs are from the natural world and organic forms.

On the Mad Hatter’s Top Hat there are dark green, pink and silver Angelina fibre butterflies. This element has been inspired by Treacy’s spring summer butterfly hat for Alexander McQueen 2008. This adds an angelic and organic feel to the hat.

The deck-of-cards rose is attached to the Queen of Hearts Pill Box hat and is inspired by Philip Treacy Designs. Treacy creates, designs and incorporates a variety of different flowers on his hats. These designs have inspired the deck-of-cards rose on the hat in terms of shape and colour.

Treacy creates and incorporates a wide range of different types of bows into his hats which inspired the large red bow used on the Queen of Hearts pill box hat and the large blue bow on the Alice crown headband.

Mad Hatter is another main design inspiration for the project. The Mad Hatter top hat utilises the chenilling technique for my fabric along with a variation of green colours and pops of blue and purples.

This chenilling technique, along with the colour scheme, has been incorporated into the fabric of this hat to represent the crazy and quirky personality of the Mad Hatter. There are three decorative head pins incorporated into the Mad Hatter Top Hat. The headpins are made from an array of different coloured and varied sized beads to add visual texture and shape.

The final design inspiration for the project is ‘Textile 3D elements’. A 3D element on the Mad Hatter Top Hat is the three pink and white mushrooms. These mushrooms are made using a felting technique.

On the Queen of Hearts pill box hat there is a deck of cards patterned flower. The use of the fabric flower is to add texture and 3D element to the Queen of Hearts pill box hat.

The inspirations for my headdresses are seen through the colours, patterns, textures, and fabrics utilised. They resemble characters, 3D objects and unique designs that have been created by other people and manipulated to make my headdresses.