Textiles and Design

Charlotte Glozier


Yukata and trousers


The focus area for this Textiles project is Apparel, an item that can be worn, is functional and can be cared for. The item is intended for casual wear while still being highly decorative. The apparel will function as an outfit, providing decorative daily wear.

One of the main design inspirations for the project was Traditional Japanese Textiles. Shibori dyeing is a Japanese type of tie-dye using blue dyes and shaped wooden blocks to create various shapes and patterns.

The blue and white complement each other while providing colour for the project. To contrast the indigo-and-white shibori pattern, the sleeves and edge of the yukata are decorated with orange, red and yellow sashiko embroidery to create a complementary colour palette.

Akira Isogawa is another main inspiration for this project. The yukata-and-pant ensemble was influenced by Isogawa’s unique blend of traditional Japanese clothing with contemporary fashion and techniques.

The pants of the design are more functional than aesthetic, but have been decorated with beading to create tactile texture, shape and line.

Cranes, a traditional Japanese motif, are beaded on to the left thigh of the pants with orange, red and yellow beads that continue the colour scheme of the yukata.

Another design inspiration is fabric manipulation, where wave tucks have been incorporated in the design of the back of the yukata design to provide tactile and visual texture and interest in the otherwise empty back.

The edges of the tucks also create line and direction across the back of the design.