Textiles and Design

Grace Ferrington



Textile art

The focus area of my Textile project is textile art. A textile art is a highly decorative item that is based more on aesthetics, rather than function. This is a suitable choice for my project as the piece is a highly decorative headdress.

It features many stand out materials and intricate techniques, giving it a highly visual appeal. Although wearable, there is more emphasis on its aesthetic beauty rather than the functionality. The headdress will be used in a runway fashion show to compliment a designer's collection of extravagant fashion.

The use of innovative and creative applications of textiles has inspired my textile art piece.

More specifically, my head piece was influenced by the endless possibilities’ textile materials have and the interest and visual effects it gives to the end product. I have tried to incorporate many innovative uses of materials such as using dissolvable material to create fabrics with texture or shape and using fabrics in dimensional and sculptural ways.

I have also creatively used materials to allude to a realistic, yet stylistic, interpretation of a bunch of flowers. This gives my textile art an interesting and detailed design, inviting viewers to look more closely at the piece.

Another key influence for my head piece is indigenous artworks. Many features of aboriginal artworks have been used, including the earthy colour combinations and unique and organic shapes. This is seen in the trapunto design and also in the shapes and colours of the silk painting. These shapes give interest and detail to the otherwise geometric structure. The shapes also tie in nicely with the organically shaped flowers.

Contrasting patterns and colours have been a large inspiration to the headdress. More specifically, the opposing colours and patterns have created a chaotic yet cohesive feel to the design.

The busy colour scheme married with the many textures and shapes used create a busy and dramatic design with emphasis on its intricacy, while still having some cohesion through the use of warm tones.

The 2007 Paris spring collection of Jean Paul Gaultier has had a strong influence on the textile item. The collection features a range of large, colourful and dimensional headdresses. Many of the features Gaultier has used have inspired my headdress, such as the large circular back piece that frames the wearer's face, the bright colour scheme, the use of flowers and the feathered edging.

Many techniques, shapes and colours have been utilised throughout the headdress, creating a highly decorative and three-dimensional design, making it suitable for the textile art focus area. All of these decorative features link back to its purpose of being a wearable stand out piece for a runway show.