Textiles and Design

Sophie Clisdell


Corset and skirt


The focus area for my Textiles major work is Apparel. It classifies as an item that can be worn and is specific for a particular functionality/purpose. My textile item is a dress that has specifically been designed to be worn at formal functions such as weddings, christenings and graduations. This apparel item has been constructed through the use of decorative and intricate techniques to create a unique eye-catching aspect with high aesthetics.

The Alon Livne White Brand has inspired the design of this garment, which can be seen in the extensive use of the colour white in the item. The Alon Livne White Collection features stunning white wedding dresses with creative, interesting and detailed design features.

These design features influence the white colour of my dress as well as the eyelet-lace fabric and the white bridal tulle skirt.

The romantic, ballet-tutu style has inspired the style of the skirt. This design feature has been chosen from the flowy full-length skirts associated with the display of romantic ballets. The soft, flowy look has been recreated though the use of the same material, being a soft lightweight bridal tulle.

This inspiration has overall been incorporated into my item as it creates free-flowing movement to the dress for the wearer.

Another design inspiration included in my textile item is freehand machine-embroidered fabric. This inspiration is revealed in the originally made eyelet-lace fabric on the corset bodice, allowing the texture to add an interesting aspect to the bodice. This self-made fabric forms a white eyelet-lace fabric, seen in the middle section of the structured corset.

The incorporation of this design adds a bumpy texture to this fabric which gives a unique interest and dimension to this piece.

The Met Gala has inspired the textile item through the various detailed aspects that have been included. The Met Gala is a famous event that expresses various creative and decorative textile items, overall drawing attention and interest through the use of colours, patterns, fabrics and accessories.

This design inspiration has been incorporated into my textile item through the unique elements such as the free-motion eyelet-lace fabric, the voluminous skirt and the structured bodice, which are similar to various textiles apparel worn at the Met Gala.