Visual Arts

Marissa Seymour


One Man's Trash…

Digital photos and recycled plastic

My body of work playfully represents the detrimental consumption of plastic that has overtaken the world since the 1950s and affected our natural ecosystems in such a damaging way.

On average, the world’s population creates 164 kilograms of rubbish per person per year.

One Man’s Trash… takes on the form of a series of photos that develop as the viewer looks from left to right, conveying the buildup of "one man’s trash" through seven unique photos.

As a plastic consumer, I also decided to further my concept by producing an interactive element to my work by repurposing over 50 plastic bags and weaving them to create a carpet layer of plastic that will sit on the ground of the viewing space. Thus, allowing the viewers to hear the rustle of plastic waste beneath their feet as they view my artwork, One Man’s Trash…