Visual Arts

Sophie Ware-Maloney


Thy Kingdom Come

Coloured pencil and gold leaf on paper, mounted on canvas

My piece demonstrates the price the Earth is paying at the hands of human destruction. The animals in this artwork are all at least labelled as 'threatened' by the IUCN red-list, and their numbers are rapidly declining.

I have included creatures from all across the world and from every corner of the animal kingdom, to show that no animal is safe.

However, my piece also recognises that, for some creatures, the decline of Earth's natural inhabitants has been beneficial, resulting in the increase of pest species, hence the Mouse and the Noisy Miner running/flying the opposite way to the other declining species.

The animals fading into grey and theĀ gold flecking the most 'valuable' parts of each animal, like the tusks of the Elephant and horns of the White Rhino, show how we humans are only able to see the true value of somethingĀ just as it is about to disappear'.